Havant is situated very close to our headquarters and is a rapidly growing town with a moderate industrial presence. Havant has great transport links to London and our warehouse which is located just 5 miles away. The main shopping centre in Havant is the meridian shopping centre as well as West street which plays host to a bustling weekly market.

Havant courier services include:

  • AOG courier
  • Air courier
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Technical courier
  • Controlled drug courier
  • Driver hire
  • Storage and distribution
  • European courier services
  • International courier
  • Exhibition and event courier services
  • Next day courier, overnight and same day courier services

We also offer Havant industry:

  • Freight and warehousing
  • Havant exhibition and event logistics
  • Storage and distribution
  • UK pallet delivery services
  • European & international pallet delivery

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